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Plastic Disc Filter


The disc filter is widely used as a pretreatment for HVAC systems in industrial and commercial areas such as desalination, food, textile, metallurgy, plastics, medicine, building materials, papermaking, industrial and commercial buildings, irrigation, wastewater treatment, sewage Renewable, municipal water supply, water plants, large power plants, chemical companies, and emergency areas such as filtering, the whole set of equipment related to the safe and effective operation.

1. Application of disc Filter in Membrane Pretreatment

1.1 ultrafiltration / microfiltration pretreatment

The inner diameter of the vacuum fiber yarn was 0.8 mm and 0.3 mm

The role of disc filter: filter than the membrane pore size of solid particles, to avoid the vacuum membrane wire plug, protective film wire is not scratched.

1.2 Reverse osmosis / Nano filtration pretreatment

When the water conditions are poor, such as river water, water, disc filter can be used for other pretreatment filtration equipment.

When the water conditions are good, such as tap water, deep well water, disc filter can be used to secure the filter before. In general, the role of disc filters in membrane pretreatment is to filter the equipment or to protect the follow-up equipment to reduce the follow-up equipment filtration load.

2. Application of disc Filter in Circulating Water Filtration

In industrial water, cooling water accounts for 70-80% of the total water consumption. Cooling water system to deal with large amounts of water, handling more difficult. But the running water temperature is low, so the water quality requirements lower than the boiler water.

Among them, the closed-cycle process requires cooling water is not exposed to the air; water loss is small, little change in salt content in water. Generally used for generators, internal combustion engines or have a special request for single heat transfer equipment. In the open cycle, the cooling water cooling tower, cooling water and air contact. Suspended matter in the water, ion content is constantly changing. Need to add cooling water, the need for sewage.

Disc filters can be used in the following areas:

Pre-treatment of make-up water: coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, softening, desalting

Circulating water filtration treatment: full flow filtration, side filtration (circulating water volume 1-5%)

Sewage treatment: filtration, desalination reuse (to achieve zero discharge of sewage water)

3. Application of Disc Filter in Ion Exchange Pretreatment

Ion exchange is the use of ion exchange resin and water ions in the water to remove harmful ions in water treatment methods.

The disc filter in which can be used for pre-filtration, resin-based capture later, salt filtration system.

4. The Application of disc Filter in the Total System Water

With the rapid development of industry and agriculture, more serious pollution of water resources, water quality continues to deteriorate. The growth of suspended solids in water seriously affected industrial production.

Modern industrial production of water quality of water put forward higher requirements (high water). Sophisticated production of products, requiring almost no impurities of pure water. But there is no direct water directly into the nature of H2O equipment. The idea of hierarchical processing has become increasingly clear. Filtration is the most basic and simple treatment unit for water treatment, which is indispensable for water treatment.

5. Application of Disc Filter in Agricultural Irrigation

Sprinkler drip irrigation is known as the drip irrigation system in the heart, the water flow pore size is generally small, which requires irrigation water cannot contain the emitter blockage of dirt, so the irrigation water purification treatment is to ensure that sprinkler irrigation The key to normal operation of drip irrigation system.

6. The Application of disc Filter in Industrial Nozzle Protection


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