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Bag Filter

HXP bag filter system is a new filter system. It is character with high precision, big flow, easy installation and maintenance. So it can be widely used in the field of liquid treatment: foods, cosmetic, chemistry, medicine, textile, etc. it consists of housing, support basket, and the filter bag.

It can install all material, all precision’s filter bag 1PCS.

The highest of working temperature is 45, the size of two holes in the lid of the filter is G1/4”

If the thread of the pressure gauage is metric standard, should add an adaptor.

Product merits

1.     UPVC material has good corrosion resistant

2.      The unique seal system makes the filter more safety

3.      It can prevent the bag plunged into the support basket, no inner leak

4.      Good appearance and compact inner construct

5.      High precision, the filter range can be from 0.5~200un

6.      High efficiency of filter: quick flow of liquid, big capacity of impurity

7.      The price is more competitive

Bag Filter BF-1-2BF-1-2high flow filter ,15T/HSelect
Bag Filter BF-1-1BF-1-1high flow filter ,25T/HSelect


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