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JMA Controller

JMA stager controller functions:
Password setting
Regeneration stage and regeneration time indication
JMA can be initiated manually or through remote control. Timer initiation and interval initiation are also
Manual step by step initiation (only for system commissioning)

Reset function
Stages (1-8) and stage duration (5-9999 Sec) settings
System working stage indication (Service or regeneration stage indication)
Data protection after power cut: settings and data can be stored for 3 years.
Waterproof and rotproof enclosure

Stager working principle:

  The stager may be manually operated or driven by an electric motor that operated through an adjustable timer or flowmeterprogram. The stager functions by opening and closing its ports, singly or in combination, in a sequence thatfit the need of the system. The “positions” in the sequence correspond to the number of “stager” in the process (See chart 1). The port that are opened allow the pressurized fluid to flow to and operate some diaphragm valves, while venting other valves—allowing them to return to their normal positions.
The stagers can use either hydraulic or pneumatic control fluid. Continuous electrical power is not required to maintain the positions of the valves such as in a solenoid operated system. Greatly avoid the system breakdown because of power failure.
All types of complex application can be controlled by stager controller system through correct design and combination of the stagers

JMA controller 501JMA501matching tank:40"-72"(filter)Select
JMA controller 502JMA502Co-current regeneration softenerSelect
JMA controller 505JMA 505Counter-current regeneration softenerSelect
JMA controller 523JMA 5232 tanks filter (1service 1 stand by )Select
JMA controller 528JMA 528FilterSelect


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