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Carbon & Sand


Technology: These series of activated carbon in granular form are made from fruitshell or coal, activated via high temperature water steam method, under the process of crushing, after treatment.

Characteristics: These series of activated carbon with large surface area, developed pore structure, high adsorption, high strength, well washable, easy regeneration function.

Using fields: Widely used in living industrial water treatment, environmental protection, vapor phase adsorption, solvent recovery, especially suitable in electric plants, petrifaction, refinery, food beverage, sugar, wine, electronic industry, drinking water, pisciculture, marine, industrial waste water, living waste water treatment etc. effectively adsorption dissociative chlorine, hydroxybenzene, sulfur, oil, colloid, pesticide hangover, other organic pollutant, oil precursors of THM from water, also applied for industrial tail gas purification, decarbolization, denitration, petroleum catalyse, gas separation, PSA, air drying, food keeping fresh, gas mask, removing dioxin, accelerant carrier, home decoration, car tail gas purification, nuclear electric power radioactivity pollute gas adsorption, distinct purification, filtering, recovery, refining function on industrial organic solvent such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, gasoline, diesel oil.

H230anthraciteIodine number(mg/g):800-1050Select
H103Wahut shellIodine number(mg/g):800-1050Select
H102Apricot shellIodine number(mg/g):800-950Select
H101Apricot shellIodine number(mg/g):800-950Select
sand 5-8mmSandFitration Grade: 5-8mmSelect
sand 4-8mmSandFitration Grade: 4-8mmSelect
sand 3-5mmSandFitration Grade: 3-5mmSelect
sand 1-2mmSandFitration Grade: 1-2mmSelect
sand 0.7-1.2mmSandFitration Grade: 0.7-1.2mmSelect
sand 0.5-1mmSandFitration Grade: 0.5-1mmSelect
sand 0.5-0.8mmSandFitration Grade: 0.5-0.8mmSelect


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