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Multiple Tank System

The MTS commercial water purification system is designed to supply uninterruptible purified water around the clock. It applies widely to apartments, boilers, cooling towers, hotels, nursing homes, carwashes, milk plants, factories, laundries, resorts, restaurants, reverse osmosis pretreatment, office buildings and hospitals, etc. With our engineering optimization and full test, please be assured that the system provides you reliable performance with minimum maintenance required.

All components used in the MTS commercial water purification system have been strictly inspected and tested.They are all standard components and can be delivered from the stock immediately to answer your needs of replacement.

Unique Advantages
Low use cost and flexible expansion

MTS system can be easily expanded by adding tanks as needed. So it requires lower initial investment compared with traditional large single tanks and dual-tank systems. Simple installation and maintenance It is very simple to install and maintain the MTS system.

A service technician familiar with common civil products can handle the installation and maintenance easily. High-Flow BNT951 Control System The BNT951 control valve is a patented control system independently developed by Canature with the maximum flow up to 50.0GPM* (11.3T/H).

*Used to control the valve flow rather than the systematic overall flow

Corrosion-resistant FRP Tanks
The system adopts the high-quality FRP tanks (U.S. NSF-certified) manufactured by Canature and the food-grade HDPE (high density polyethylene) liner, which is safe, reliable and corrosion-resistant.

High Flow Water Distribution System
The high-flow water distribution system is made of durable and corrosion-resistant ABS materials, to ensure the smooth system operation.


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